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A prominent producer and supplier of jalapenos, Indo western Agro Exports offer the finest jalapenos for all your requirements. Jalapenos belong to the nightshade family and obtain their heat from capsaicin. The spiciness and flavour of jalapenos vary based on the growing conditions. Sunlight and acidity levels of soil play an important role in determining the flavours of jalapenos.

We offer the finest jalapenos filled with intense flavours. The jalapenos we offer are grown under ideal climatic conditions to ascertain the flavours and quality. Jalapenos have a similar flavour to that of green bell pepper. Also, they have an instant heat effect when consumed. Generally, they are picked green and consumed in their unripe state for the best flavours. With utmost care and good agricultural practices, we ensure that we serve high-quality offerings to all our clients. Our constant efforts and quality offerings have made the demand for our products reach internationally.

Uses of Jalapenos

The jalapenos we provide are full of flavour and you can use them in any way you want. They can be sliced, chopped or diced, based on how you want to use them. You can chop them and add them to your salsa or salad dressing. You can add them to your burgers or sandwiches for the tangy and spicy flavour. They can be smoked and dried to make spices to use in meals and dishes as per your preferences. Moreover, if you want, you can eat them whole owing to the mild spicy flavours of it.

Storing Jalapenos

We offer jalapenos that are finely produced, processed and packed to ensure that they reach you in the best condition.

You can slice the jalapenos and store them in the refrigerator and whole ones at even at room temperatures. You can store them in an airtight container preferably when they are cut, minced, sliced or chopped. Our fresh whole jalapenos will last for a few days to a week in the refrigerator.

Health benefits of Jalapenos

These small, green and little spicy chilli peppers are a common part of Mexican cuisine. However, they have gained significant popularity across the world owing to their flavours and health benefits. A few of the benefits of jalapenos are as follows:

  • nutritious They are high in their nutritious content having calories, fibres, vitamin, folate and manganese
  • metabolism Helps in boosting metabolism and reducing your appetite, in turn, help in weight lose
  • cancer cells They have capsaicin that is known to have anti-cancer properties and killing over 40 types of cancer cells
  • bacteria Helps in fighting infections by slowing the growth of foodborne yeats and bacteria by reducing their impact
  • heart healthy The capsaicin content in jalapenos reduces the impact of high cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure and keep your heart healthy
  • ulcer It helps in reducing stomach inflammations and might protect your stomach from developing ulcers.

We follow all the rules, regulations and practices to produce the best jalapenos you can have. Therefore, for quality, flavourful and nutrient-rich jalapenos, head to Indo Western Agro Exports. We are committed to offering fresh and flavorful offerings to our clients. Moreover, all our products go through washing, grading and soaking before they are packed and delivered. Get in touch with us today.