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A forerunner in the baby corn export industry, Indo Western Agro Exports is known to provide the finest baby corns to its clients. With years of experience in baby corn production and supply, we have gained significant expertise in offering the best products at all times. The baby corn we provide is produced with the help of the finest agricultural practices and technology. All this enables us to stand as a leading exporter of high-quality and baby corns in the country.

Baby corn is a type of corn that is harvested before it gets matured and pollinated. This stage is usually the one almost right after the silk starts to grow on them. They do not have the levels of sugar and starch as compared to fully-grown corns.

Mostly cultivated in Asian countries, it has gained immense popularity in consumption over time across the world. Not only for individual consumption but it is also used for certain industrial purposes as well such as the hospitality and supermarket industry. To ensure the best texture, size and flavour, they are produced with utmost care and the finest techniques.

Above all, all the products at Indo Western Agro Exports are processed before they are packed and delivered to our clients. We ensure that you get quality products from us. For this, we perform intense quality checks and follow all the required procedures and guidelines. Get this healthy veggie for you from us.

What are the uses of Baby Corn?

Baby corn has been often named as a healthy veggie to eat or add to your salads and stirfries. They are just the regular corn picked before maturing. However, when it comes to their nutritive profile, they differ from the adult corns. Baby corns are a great addition to your diet if you are aiming to shred some of your gains. This is due to the less starch content it has.

Not only in Asian countries but baby corns also have made a huge fan base in the west as well. It is regarded as an important vegetable across the globe. You can use it in pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, salads or add it as a dressing; the list is endless if you want.

How to store Baby Corn?

At Indo Western Agro Exports, we always endeavour to offer quality and consistency in our products. To maintain their flavours, aroma and texture, they are soaked, washed and graded before being packed.

You can eat them fresh for the best flavours. However, if you want, you can easily store baby corns in your refrigerator in zip lock bags. For cooked baby corn, it is best to warp a cling film on the container and consume them within a day or two.

Health benefits of Baby Corn

  • weight loss They have low calorific content making them perfect to include in a weight loss diet
  • sugar levels They are rich in fibres making them good for the heart and control blood sugar levels
  • low carb It is a low carb veggie with a low starch content
  • nutrients It is filled with nutritions, vital antioxidants, vitamin A, iron and vitamin C

For the best baby corn, get in touch with us today. We are always glad to hear from you. We assure you that you will get quality products from us always.