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Hugely popular in Spain, Banderillas have started gaining popularity across the globe. Simple to make and easy to eat, these delicious skewered servings are the best accompaniment to any dish you want. Have it as a side to your meal or along with a drink, they go along very well. In other terms, it is an appetizer or snack most famous in Spanish Cuisine.

Banderillas derive their name from the barbed dart that usually has their application in bullfighting. However, you need not worry, as they are not at all dangerous, as they sound, but very simple to make. Like a cherry on the top, it involved no cooking as well. All you have to do is open the jar, skewer some ingredients and then they are ready.

However, you do not have to go to Spain or eat only Spanish cuisine to enjoy this delicious snack. Indo Western Agro Exports offers the finest Banderillas that you can have and enjoy. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of Banderillas, you will have tasty and quality products from us at all times. Therefore, whenever you wish to have delicious Banderillas, we are always here to provide you with the best of all.

What are the uses of Banderillas?

Banderillas are uncooked skewered vegetables that are often pickled in vinegar. However, several other ways are there to make and eat them. People often use different combinations of vegetables to make and eat them. Usually, they are used as a side dish to your meal, as a snack or as an accompaniment to your drink.

Banderillas are small portions of food most famous in Spanish cuisine. Moreover, they differ from region to region. The name might also vary such as Tapa. People usually eat these before their meals. The origin of Banderiillas has numerous tales attached to it involving several historic figures.

How to store Banderillas?

At Indo Western Agro Exports, we offer freshly made and quality products. Our products are produced with utmost care and precision while considering all the food and industry standards. All the products are soaked, washed and graded before they are packed and delivered to you for you to enjoy anytime.

You can consume these Banderillas at your convenience. Store them at an adequate temperature or refrigerate them if you want to eat them later. Under the right storage conditions, they can last for a good amount of time.

Benefits of Banderillas

Made up of fresh vegetables, Banderillas are a delicious yet healthy addition to your meal. As a snack, appetizer or accompaniment to your drink, they are sure to enhance the flavour at all times. Moreover, made with fresh vegetables, they offer great health benefits too. With a good amount of nutritious content and flavour, they are sure to become your favourite in no time.

Regardless of the origin, it has become a widely admired and consumed snack or appetizer across the world. With Indo Western Agro Exports, you can have the finest Banderillas. We ensure that you get quality as well as taste in every bite you have. Get in touch with us. We are always glad to hear from you. For any queries and concerns, feel free to contact us. We will always help you with anything you want.