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We are a leading and reliable exporter of Gherkins that are of high quality and come with a high nutritional value. Gherkins are a variety of cucumbers that are used to make pickles. They retain their crunchiness when pickled. They have a sweet and sour flavour. They make an exciting crunchy addition to your dish or meal. The gherkin plants has its native roots in Southern Africa and requires warm climates for growth.

With the best practices and raw materials, we are a leading producer and exporter of high-quality Gherkins across the world. Gherkins can be used in making burgers, salads and other snacks or can be used as a side dish. Usually, they are used with Italian, continental and oriental cuisine. Apart from delivering taste to your meal, it acts as a snack that you can munch on.

At Indo Western Agro Exports, you will get

  • Gherkins in natural vinegar
  • Gherkins in acetic acid
  • Gherkins in salt brine

No matter what kind of Gherkin you want, it is sure to be packed with intense flavors and aroma. We endeavor to retain the flavors of the pickles for you to enjoy to the fullest always. These pickled varieties of Gherkins are most loved in eastern and central Europe.

GradeWeight in gramsAverage fruits/KG
300+Below 3.3 >330
300/4502.2 to 3.3375-425
150/3003.4 to 6.6195-240
120/1506.7 to 8.3 130-145
80/1506.7 to 12.590-130
60/160(DIA)Below 20.6mm100-120
30/60(DIA)20.6 TO 25.4mm35-45
30/60(Weight)16.6 to 33.340-50
60/8012.6 to 16.665-75
40/6016.7 to 25.045-55
20/3033.4 to 5023-27
10/20/202150.1 to 10013-17
10/5/2021100.1 to 2008/7/2021
5/15(DIA)28mm to 42mm7-13
100/1606.2 to 10125-140
60/10010.1 to 16.675-95
60/1208.3 to 16.6100-130
5/6016.6 to 20020-40
SizeLength in CMAverage Fruits/KG
3-63cm to 6cm80 to 130
6-96cm to 9cm35 to 50
9-129cm to 12cm13 to 20
8-108cm to 10cm23 to 27
5-85cm to 8cm 60-80

What are the uses of Gherkins?

Traditionally, Gherkins are served and consumed as cold only. This is because they can lose their flavours rapidly. With pickled gherkins, you can make sandwich fillings and other foods you want. Historically associated with Eastern and Central European cuisine, they can now be found widely across the globe.

Gherkins are significantly grown in South India as it has the desired temperature conditions and the ideal soil type.

Growing gherkins require a temperature of 15 to 35 degrees Centigrade.

They are found in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

These regions have preferable climatic conditions throughout the year.

It makes them the best places to grow Gherkins up to three crops annually.

Health benefits of Gherkins

Gherkins are not only tasty but come with several health benefits as follows:

  • hydration They serve as an exceptional source of hydration
  • probiotics Gherkins are loaded with tons of probiotics as they are fermented
  • sugar levels They help in regulating the blood sugar levels
  • vitamins You can have them as a source of antioxidants and vitamins
  • salt cravings The salt content can help in satisfying your salt cravings

The Gherkins we produce and supply are made with the help of the finest practices. They undergo a thorough cleaning process before moving further into the production line. Further, grading, soaking and washing are done before they are packed in airtight containers.

We are committed to serving you with the best Gherkins always. To know more, you can contact us. We will be glad to hear from you. We hope that our offerings bring flavours to your meal at all times.