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Pepper is termed as the “King of Spices.” It comes from the fruit of the
flowering vine, Piper nigrum which originated in forests of southwest India on the Malabar coast. This vine grows best on rich, flat or gently sloping farmlands at an elevation of 1500 feet mean sea level or more. It requires a constant hot climate with regular rainfall of at least 100 inches per year. Production of pepper today is primarily from India, Brazil, Vi-etnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China, although it is cultivated in other areas of the world as well. A plant can produce fruit (peppercorns) for up to forty years.

Peppercorns are defined by the level of ripeness, processing, and location where they are grown and exported.Black pepper comes from the dried, unripe berry and there are several varieties.

What are the uses of Peppercorn?

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Health benefits of Peppercorn

  • vitamins Black pepper is rich in a plant compound called piperine, which test-tube studies have found to have potent anti-oxidant properties.
  • arthritis Piperine is the main active compound in black pepper which may effectively fight in-flammation.
  • brain1 Piperine has demonstrated potential benefits for symptoms related to degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • metabolism Piperine may help improve blood sugar metabolism.
  • sugar levels Piperine is believed to boost the absorption of dietary supplements that have potential cholesterol-lowering effects like turmeric and red yeast rice
  • blood-cells Piperine has shown promising effects in laboratory studies for reversing multidrug re-sistance in cancer cells — an issue that interferes with the efficacy of chemotherapy treatment.

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